• Faris January 25, 2012  

    Wow! Biar betul ni geng? Dari iPhone 3GS yang hilang tu terus nak grab iPhone 4S? Kalau dah dapat tu, aku memang salute kat ko…caiyok! =)

  • Hamdi February 1, 2012  

    Yeahhhh, skang sudah ber”iPhone4s”

  • Italian Cheese March 6, 2012  

    Wow so they released the Iphone 4 I didn’t know. hmmm. I wonder how I missed that one.

  • Hamdi March 8, 2012  

    They release the iPhone 4s long time already tho

  • Italian Cheese April 7, 2012  

    I am waiting till it become 4g to buy a new one, although I wish I had suri.

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